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Concept video for Coldplay's
A Sky Full Of Stars

Rough cut concept storyboard video for Coldplay single A Sky Full Of Stars. 

Concept addresses the possibility of love reaching across time and space, through many lives and different guises.

Play it large and loud for best effect...

* Copyright; All images; Mandy Farmer ArtWorks 2014, Words & Music; Coldplay. All rights reserved. 

Artwork & Stills

The concept artwork consists of a series of large

landscape panels created from watercolour, powder pigments, ink and silver & gold leaf to evoke the constellations and the night sky, reflected on earth in our oceans. These were to be overlaid with a series of portraits, imagined in slightly altered forms to represent different incarnations or versions of 'self' 

The concept for the animations of Chris Martin involved portraits of several versions of 'self' that evolve from animated blueprints and DNA structures. These would shimmer into view at times and represent embedded personality, gathered experiences.


At times these hidden networks "align" with the constellations and the versions of ourselves in any given lifetime.

Had the concept been developed further, the animations would have shown a continuing evolution of form for Chris Martin's head shot, synced to him singing A Sky Full of Stars.

*The video has had to be removed because of copyright issues with Vimeo.

Please request a Dropbox link if you would like to see the uncut version.

Paper stars copyright MandyFarmer ArtWorks

Watercolour, Graphite & Gouache Portrait

Watercolour & Graphite Portrait

Watercolour, Graphite & Gouache Portrait

Large scale watercolour, powder pigment, ink gold and silver leaf

Large scale watercolour, powder pigment, ink and silver leaf

Large scale watercolour, powder pigment, ink and gold leaf

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